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Mise à jour : Nebulosity 2.0 alpha6

Voici une version beta 2.0 de ce logiciel de traitement d’images.

Les habitués retrouveront une interface familiaire.

Pour utiliser Nebulosity 2.0 a6, il vous faudra tout de même avoir acquis la licence de la première version sinon vos sauvegardes auront un logo en surimpression. Reste la copie d’écran.


Voici l’évolution du projet

  •           Alpha 1
    Basic GUI layout done.  New View menu added with dialogs that pop up.  Users can place these in the main window or let them float.  Existing areas of the main GUI can also be torn off, etc.  Will need to set this up so that it can be saved / restored.
  • Alpha 3
    Bug: Drawn cropping no longer works
    Bug: Too frequent output of file loads/saves in History dialog during things like preprocessing
    GREYC noise reduction added.  Note, ROI mode not supported yet and this can take a while to « Preview ».  ROI mode will speed this up considerably.
  • Alpha 4  10/24/07
    Fixed crop bug
    Cleaned up History dialog output during preprocessing
    Bad Pixel Map creation now lists # of pixels and % of pixels flagged
    SBIG Control tool added for TEC control and light/dark control
    Image, Line Filter menu now has tools to extract the R, G, and B portions of the Bayer matrix
    Fixed binning bugs (will be in 1.6.X as well) that have been here for quite awhile
    Some of the kinks in Canon 40D / 1DMkIII cams worked out.  Captures just fine but mirror lockup still an issue.  Can use the onboard « bulb » mode (will be in 1.6.X as well).  Removed auto-scaling during debayer (happens during capture and during CR2/CRW load)
    Updated installer to deal with non-standard install dirs (desktop shortcut wouldn’t work)
    Updated to wxWidgets 2.8.6
    Known bug: Saving History on Mac appends .txt even if .txt is there already
  • Alpha 5
    Fixed SBIG dialog so it would a) show up and b) actually set the temp
    Fixed DIGIC III capture and CR2 loads to properly crop off the bottom lines as needed
    Fixed .txt.txt but on Mac
  • Apha 6 (1/24/08)
    SBIG dialog improved – now with filter wheel control
    DSI III support added on both OS X and Windows
    PHD link guts in place.  The Pause-on-download function is working but nothing else is coded up.  Tested on XP and OS X.  Users will need updated PHD (1.7.2)
    Numerous bugs patched
    Known bug: SBIG dialog’s temperature and Preferences one don’t stay in sync properly

La page des téléchargements

A noter qu’il existe une version PC et MAC OS X de cette beta.

Télécharger Nebulosity 2.a6 - MAC OS X (25 téléchargements) – 14,13 mo

Télécharger  Nebulosity 2.a6 - PC (41 téléchargements) – 5,63 mo

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